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How does Ethernet compare to T1?

Service Speed (mbps) Average
per Meg
DS1 (T1) 1.54 $295 $196.66
DS3 45 $1,950 $43.33
Ethernet over Copper 10 $310 $31.00
Fast Ethernet 100 $1,800 $18.00
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 $4,000 $4.00

Why is Ethernet the future?

"Regular" connections includeT1,DSL,Bonded DS1,T3,OCX, and Frame Relay.These services require a path through both the local phone company and your ISP to connect you to the Internet. That adds extra expense to the equation and increases the possiblity of multiple points of failure, as illustrated below:

Regular SONET

By using Ethernet technology, your business is able to "plug" directly in to its Internet service provider. This reduces costs and increases the amount of speed the ISP can provide. The connection will look like this:

Ethernet Connection

When you bypass the local phone company you cut out an expensive transport step. These savings are passed on to you. Our consultants can show you the best options available for your business location.

How does this tool work?
  1. You enter your building address in the form above.
  2. You will see a map with your location along with markers of surrounding buildings that have been "lit" by the major telecom service providers.
  3. If you would like to learn more, you'll be able to enter your contact information to receive a phone call from our staff of Ethernet service experts.
How is this tool valuable?

Our metro fiber locator mapping tool is beneficial for small to large businesses looking to:
  • move into a building with existing carrier facilities.
  • substantially upgrade their current broadband connections.
  • establish a direct relationship with a provider without the local Bell in the equation.
  • find a carrier who provides QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees. Since the carrier you select is in complete control of your connection, it is much easier for them to provide QoS.
  • gather information that will be helpful in the planning stages of broadband deployment for a new real-estate development.
Are these fiber maps free?

Yes. We do not require that you pay a fee to access our fiber map database - however, we do require that you purchase service through us if you decide to buy. We are compensated from the participating carriers when you order through us, which pays for the development and maintenance of this web site.

Can I order Ethernet service online?

Not yet. Even if our fiber building lookup tool shows you are in an On-Net or Near-Net building, we must still go through a manual check on both pricing and service availability. However, know that our Ethernet Experts are here to assist you with every step of the process.

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